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"You are my smile yesterday, tonight is my pain, happiness blown when my shoulder, you turn raised a gust of wind. So happy blown into a lonely, so lonely being locked in the eyes! I'm your rose yesterday, but it is you regret tonight, when lonely flew in front of me, I see only a black. So lonely rain pour completed, then the rain hit in the heart."


"There is always a feeling of being ignored; occasionally kind of like the idea of disappearing; do not like to wait, but always wait; always think things very long; feelings in my heart, there is a world of its own; do not like a person shopping; and it was a little cranky; to walk quickly inexplicable loneliness, fear can not resist."



"I seem to have no time when young, without those youth can also splurge. Now only seeking a stable, a simple. But I try to find, work with, but still can not find that person may accompany my life, looking, I encountered much half-truths, but still feel very lucky."


"You are a landscape, do not need someone to look up the scenery inside. Original life is not bitter, bitter is excessive desire; the soul of the no tired, tired of grabbing too much. Life is a road, there are step-by-step landscape. God does not favor anyone, you have the courage to give up, have a chance to get. Gorgeous fall, than pointless wandering; even if it was completely lost on when to catch up with the fate of another feast."


"Enjoy music lovers love, family and enjoy their grandchildren. Ordinary people to enjoy the delicious food of music, philosopher and enjoy the music of wisdom. Mortal enjoy music substances, sage and enjoy the music spirit. Lot, contented, happy life!"


"When the morning mist cleared, breeze, the leaves are blowing. I decided to pick up the pieces leaves, carefully polished verses bound, and left for tomorrow morning. The sun came, perhaps I would have retreated behind the sun, leaving this picturesque town, whether to stay or leave, the season before the trip along the river passage, listen to the distant flute;;"


"Life has so many first, life also has so much last. How: Iraqis, can I always? My heart is only one, my love is only executed one. Only you can to stretch, only precipitation."


"Memory seems to always want to remember blurred, life and want to forget the moment in the heart. Once thought, so hit it off, it will be the most beautiful of my life met; once thought, this soulmate, would be my regrets chase. But I do not know, sometimes busy, sometimes lonely, but also how to not read my mind lingering trace, the solution is not through my mind a touch of affection between."


"Sometimes, people who love you close, allowing you Rouchang turn, is often worrying about another person. You weep for him, for his grief; talk about giving, not a little in return. Do you think this is love. In fact, this is only human: lack of, is the best; easy to get, and often do not understand the treasure. Own scarred while also hurt the person you love, love, often after a hundred thousand turn back, and found that it has been by your side."


"We stood at the seaside campus, the campus is over a starry sky. But we have no campus tomorrow!"


"Sad sad about the matter, want to cry cry about not matter, it does not matter what distressed the pain, it does not matter what a person alone. Little time to time, everything will be over. Very often, preferring to be misunderstood, do not want to explain. Believe it or not, between you an idea. I know people, explain why."


"Many times, we always want to get someone else's good. Initially, grateful. But for a long time, that is accustomed to. A man accustomed to good for you, do not think that is as it should be. One day not hello, you will feel resentment. In fact, none other than bad, but our requirements changed much. Get used to it, they forget Thanksgiving."


"Thin aftertaste in the past, determined people will find, in fact, those who leave from life, mostly his own willfulness and ignorance are let go. We all thought he was proud of what the princess, but it is forgotten love, are equal to each other."


"After eighteen years of age to begin to accept more and more isolated. In many cases, looking back, life really can not afford a few parting. I have time and again tried to make her strong, but I can not put calm, I can not remember buried, unable to wipe the tears yesterday, I had to admit that he is such a sensitive and fragile, I can never do that cold person; ;"


"Message boards and chats are not something one can easily read, you read in the process you will find that some people, some things, some emotions are detained each other because of the passage of time and disappear, finally settling down only a road injuries, torn reality."


"Life itself is very simple, just happy enough. Life is a state of mind, what kind of mentality who will naturally have what kind of life, do not follow the crowd, naturally optimistic attitude to face life, because your life colorful presence, bravely towards life! Better yet, you'll find yourself, life is wonderful because of you!"


"Met two people to do, but it is a person to leave the decision to meet is a start, but it is left to meet the next one to leave. It is a world popular to leave, but we are not good at goodbye."


"Sometimes people feel ignored his own, he had been too busy to think about the possibility. How I wish I was just a kid, give sweets to laugh, cry and fell. There are always a few songs, let us sad, let us cry. In fact, let's not cry those songs themselves, but those who are hidden in the memories of. Habit is a very terrible thing, because the habit will feel taken for granted; because nobody used to think about is what he looks like if they lose."


"Each gentle wet rain, I love sitting by the window, watching the tree leafy trees, have been washed crystal clear. Each sunny days. I love looking at the sky, look at those vagaries of the clouds, the wind was too ambiguous. During this inexplicable youth, always fantasy. Then sad. Numerous familiar and unfamiliar looked around laughing, only fear."


"Gazing smile, suddenly look back and see the old memories yesterday Li Sese trembling himself. At that time, I suddenly found myself not to think that life will be able to erase all the memories and tampering. Memorial day is all dust storms breakdown process, not the end all answer to everything."


"I want happiness, or let you give me; you want happiness, or let me I'll give you. Such a simple thing, but it is always the children do not understand, but also friends broke up, this is how silly thing, but do we have these people in cold blood after it refused the same."


"On the youth stage, we fly freely, a man quietly too, walking in no small way, listening to the birds singing merrily, dark vomit smell the fragrance of flowers, enjoying the vitality of spring. Stroking old trunk, feeling they experienced many vicissitudes. Land unique fresh breath, appreciate the simplicity of nature. Or through bright and clear glass, looking at the thriving things, could not help Jumping hope, pondering baptism mood."


"Good Morning! Warm light accompanied by warm wind; Good Morning! Pearls green leaves swaying in the faceplate; Good morning! Spring and this season's mood a year; to join in such a beautiful morning, I was just an encounter, to feel natural, to the epiphany of life, to touch the halo. Beautiful flower of youth, only this morning dew smile, open in the spring sunshine, it seemed so bright."


"If at first you do not appear in front of me, then I probably would not know the taste of happiness. You repeat itself cruel, all the land so full of love and death is less than Fangde gave me and tell me that you never liked me, never leave me. I mistakenly thought that I could be happy was like a spoiled child, so I thought it was wrong, as long as you cling to, you can have the whole world."


"As time goes by the calendar, but also how to turn but sad that one; I put down the dignity, personality down, put down a stubborn, only because does not fit you; close your eyes, that you miss the most; open eyes, the most want to see you; so stubborn, count unforgettable; love to pain, and pain to cry, chose to give up, perhaps to give up a helpless despair, people broke our hearts."


"Life is not perfect, happiness is not the percentage. Happiness in life bit by bit, and it is a feeling from the depths of the soul, often hidden in many small things, most of the time, it is a touch of soul throbbing, throbbing a little, but glow sweet feelings, and thus, the taste of happiness will spill out."


"I finally just been reading books, but after a while I want to look you also become a delusion. Feeling unable to go with the flow, we always want to be alone, but also a person to face heartbreak, I feel bad for all you can not see. Even if I love you too become in the past, even if you say it just like I am Huan Xing. Maybe someone is always not care, is never lukewarm."


"I was that me, day after day, back and forth, submerged in the hustle and bustle of the city. I do not understand this world there is such a you, and only you can make people aftertaste, and only you will let me enchanted. If life had not met, I do not believe that there is a people can never get tired, there is a person an understanding feel warm."


"They see you, and not in the mood so intense, you can like a friend, my heart's not in pain revealed, in exchange for your fun and happy. Enough, even though we do not really have any possibility, but I will protect you, protect you always."


"A piccolo, a period of time; a wandering, I heard calling; one larvae silhouette, a fleeting. Who Fuqin Qing Yin, Qing Qing twisted into the years of time; who wind Yin Xiao Mu, will deliver winking youth sky; who is the night, who is the day, who's who in the road lightly dance? My teeth, because I am not afraid, I will always stare winter, snow waiting for the first flower from afar!"


"Life must have a gap of sunlight to shine in. On your life's most influential people, is yourself. Decide whether you are happy or unhappy people, but also yourself. Without your permission, do not let anything you happy. Without your permission, do not let anything you are not happy. Nobody took your happiness, your ecstasy. Who took you, because you put ecstasy build on others."


"Friendship needs, is mutual, is sincere; love needs a little romance, is plain; the family needs, is filial piety, is reunited. Life is a little bit of patchwork. Selected material better, spell out the life, taste like. Selected material better, spell out the life, charm on foot. Bit of life, full of life! Give yourself more confidence and make life more fulfilling."


"Day onwards, it seems not so good with you, meet less telephone also less; alone time, hold back did not find you. My dear friends, is not what you do, but my story is complicated, and there are some things I do not know where to start, it is better not say; some secrets can only be in my heart, alone to bear. Do not want to lie to you, more afraid of you sad reproach, so he had to pretend to forget you. In fact, you are always in my heart."


"A bald pen, a plain paper, a cup of tea, a period of time, an old song, a tie down new words, Yi Mei fluttering, mild light years. Simple and ordinary, smile again safely."


"Each intersection turn, are looking forward to meet with you. Distant stranger lover, you know?"


"Person's life, which many memorable stories in years past rivers, had cried bitter laugh with joy. Although; savor life too, have deeply comprehend the whole rhythm of life, however, when one day, in the passage of time, the time come to realize, when all of the past gone, only to find that all this happened, he never ceased to exist, and I always put yesterday as the most beautiful."


"In fact, a lot of girls, and not afraid to bare marriage, just scared mundane soaked romance, love in the face of lowly nowhere to go. A man can not enough money, but be sure to give women the confidence you love. Women can suffer from poverty, but the premise is: the man's love for her, let her go torture worth."


"Fate, in the end what is fate? I remember once reading an article, the article said: life in the water, past the tea cup with blisters Past life tea cups transparent precipitated past life love, boiling is the love of life, which called fate!"


"Everyone's phone book, there will be a number so you never fight, never will delete; everyone's mind, there will be less of a person, you never mention, will never forget; some people can not tell where the good, but that no one can not be replaced; perhaps time to the church I grew up, taught me to be strong, the church I love, one day, I can tell you with a smile: Long time no see, the heart does not renewed little waves."


"All things are yourself a person stays, all emotions are known only to themselves. But as long as the teeth stay in the past, everything is different. No matter who you are, no matter what you are going through, hold on, you will see the strongest themselves. Should a sleepless Shengeng dead of night, once again being in the Yuet Wah, such as training, the sky was clear cluster King, I would gently say to yourself: &; this night, really beautiful! ;"


"Are Sentimental youth, only to meet you on the road, but I do not know you're about to flee. Perhaps, too young love we are walking in the growth of the road, less than a blind search for direction, stumbled toward the distance. An encounter is falling edge to make a thin light smoke cool, a brilliant opening is open to the end of the Tumi."


"When you can no longer have the time, the only thing you can do is not to forget. Journey of life, such as one-way car trip. Life is no shortcut, and it is a test of your perseverance and endurance, as long as you hold on much, much patience for a while, do not lament the past, not abandoned now, do not fear the future, everything will be in your hands. After the struggle in life, even if covered wound, but also that the helpless sinking heart."


"Smart people, to the benefit of everything to joy joy thought things natural joy of life achievements; stupid person, everything towards the downside want, grew more and more bitter, and eventually became a troubled life. Worldly things between themselves an idea, we can come up with the idea of heaven, hell, you can come up with."


"Then pick up a pen, casual tour has entered this season, skirts flying, orange dusk light, lush, it seems that the United States had fallen flowers and colorful. Earned in bright color pro air, undulating like a mood of warm desert that stretches around wan, and emotions are like the wind blowing silk, fluttering softly, read the license summer time."


"Always wanted to do another Wolf, at least able and your favorite women together, as long as she can really go filial My parents, in addition to everything I would have no reason to go to pet her, love her, go followed her, she can hit me angry, you can call me, I can afford, as long as she can not cry, do not get angry, because I will be painful to see her cry!"


"In fact, everyone is the same, more or less in our memory there is always someone or something memorable, occasionally echoed heart, be calm;;"


"Each cycle of love is there, our those memorable moments, those gentle enough, either the end of time, the highest power, after all, is also not forget the time I'm with you. In this moment, you pour a glass of light wine passion. Smiled, as if guarding a silent waiting in silence."


"I know that is what you told me exhort and blessings, let me keep you in my heart forever for a sky with clouds embroidered with your name. Everything is explained by pure, with thoughts to continue, with a dream to support, ending with a friend to do."


"Strings off the fog lifted, the annihilation once pale clouds; Whispering shoulder, wake limp walk the Red rolling. Women stitch, Liu Mei Dai eyes, a face in March peach, fingertips can be broken. Woman looked up at the sky, think back to the past and the king of the day and night more Happy, can Saibei Smoke in the desert, how to read the south of the bridges."


"The same time, at different places, languages and shallow screen that says about you, the same feeling, the same smile, mood photocopy of your unchanging love, in a word, I love you, word , forever and always."


"Happy to be retired and sit Susan people boil water, wash light, calmly got yourself a pot of green tea vanes tender. Between water vapor rising, dense tea out of a vein distant exudes loneliness and deep Allure. Like gentle carving blade years past, but found inadvertently, into the depths of time has picturesque season snow and rain."


"Quietly waiting for you for a long time. You did not come, but I used to waiting. I'm not greedy. Only a small wish: you will always have in life. That makes you cry, is the person you love; that understand your tears, is who loves you. That wiped away tears for you, is the last person you spend."


"A lot of people told me that your heart too mature than your appearance. I was silent. Mature mind is not it also comes from life. Destructive Enthusiasm like us to be the fate of people who can show everyone the original innocence. Run leg, but in the long-distance race it is difficult to stop once again have the strength to run down. When their world is not the same, so they do not like it, even if not to pursue their own satisfaction, but also had to make their own wonderful."


"Finally, I wish you can achieve your dreams. Whatever you say what he said in this world, how this society, I still do not doubt a strong life. In every life, there is a desire for love and dreams. Happy the man, every thing, every person who, he can find to make their own joy of factors, and so happy expansion, inspire and influence the people around them."


"Parting between you and me, not you go I go. Not your tears and I was leaving. Gradually you leave me silent tears. You told me that if I did not forget, I did not forget our oath, but you forget everything quietly."


"We are still young, walk a few steps, and more to enjoy the scenery along the way under, do not rush to reach their destination and missed the fleeting warmth of the people and things; while we are still young, romantic words to say more, do more childish things, do not joke too missed life in the best clips and occasions; while we are still young, to shorten the distance, the time extension. While we are still young, and more to do anything we want to do."


"Had been very romantic, two people can wind down in the winter madness, stroll in the summer rain, even if the original lover has gone but the romance is still in love when buried in your heart, which is not also a very happy thing?"


"True friendship is not inseparable, but separate them from further away, but the same affection. Life, regardless of how much, how much pain there; not all of them eager to know everything you see through your mind, life there are many speechless moments, whether you love the person, or people who love you, and we all the way to their favorite there."


"Some good, accepted like, get to the bottom, the pain will only be myself. People living in the world, too smart, and will not be happy. And just the wrong might be a good idea. Always happy, feeling slightly terrified. When laugh, shed moved to tears. I can not believe that a simple happiness. Sorrows and joys of the ups and downs of life, both calm, but uneasy."


"Marry that person does not have to be sweet, but it must be a good temper; that person does not have to cool more than gold, but there must be a clever mind and self-motivated; that person must be handed some, would you say you is mine, I will not have someone come to you; that person will hold your hand when crossing the street, told you to go with me; that person must be at hand when you're tired, distressed said hug."


"Oblivion is true many years later, mention you are not careful, as if saying someone else's story. Love, we are all insecure people, because too concerned, we are afraid to lose. Please do not say I've changed, because I have not changed, but understand, others do to me, I should how to treat others."


"I avoid overly warm friendship no matter when, it makes me less burden and commitment. I will not say unnecessary gossip, which makes me feel clean smooth. I tried not to cherish the memory of the past, as to when the road is impossible to turn back. Cry cry, when changed, when I wanted to change laugh laugh, as long as everything in nature. I do not ask deep, just simple."


"The story of the protagonist who is not who can not wait too late to quit warmth, strangle indulge in the arms of others. Rustling autumn cold half promise, dream, Xue Wu night light, spun from who can not wait to escape the slightest affection?"


"Begin to understand, no need to envy those people something for nothing, there is no need to envy those who are in high positions. Some people, you never immeasurably, than not, we always live each have their own living law, each have their own good fortune, there have extraordinary ordinary happiness, special special troubles. Alive, as long as live, live enough like, why do we care that students do not bring refuses to bring something, his suffering, but also tired family."


"Night was deep but are able to quiet, sleeping people are listening to the sounds of nature in a dream, the dream has been warm, like rain, turned and turned again to continue nightmare, satisfied smile on Yanshao. Began to thin, then thick, under the eaves with the drops, is two points, then a bit blah, so in the spring of people came to know in your side. Early in the morning, get up early surprise people, and this is like spring flooding of oil went cold frozen snow, watered Shino Plus, grass arch out of the bud, branches are covered with a green dot. A spring rain is good, people are stretched winter suppressed heart."


"Trust does not mean there is no misunderstanding, but always give the other party the opportunity to explain the misunderstanding. Some personnel, will see the tangled, see the heartache. If one day, let your heart could no longer move you, let your anger could no longer irritate you and make you sad no longer make you cry, you will know that this time, this life gives you what you order grow, pay nothing."


"I love you, will you candidly reveal to all the world of the mind, to show you all the joy, anger, sorrow and joy; only you never fortification; I love you, and you will be playing some small temper, far away from you for no reason in fact, I just want to walk into your hot embrace listen to your heart; I love you, so I gave you the right to hurt me, as long as I can stand, I will always accompany you, you can not hurt me too much, cold, will be indifferent, pain, and will let go;;"


"If one day, your best friend betrayed you, you sparring against various attacks, please stay calm, do not hurt. Because the best friend going around in circles, always coming back to you, drink and a laugh, do not say sorry. Those who missed this, just be your lucky, he would let you know the original face friendship. We did not so beautiful, forgiving one another together because willing. Conversely, goodbye and never see."


"Some people will always be engraved in memory, even forgetting his voice, forget his smile, forget his face, but Whenever I think of the kind of feeling when he is never changed?"


"After years of a person traveling you can not imagine the loneliness, like you can rest assured that eat and drink, and strangers soon, frolicking, look at the scenery is vast, the same mountains, the water is still water, not because of your sadness defeated, and more no because you can not let go would be meaningless. You will eventually understand that disappointment is a colored glasses, so that you lost those years, but it is your own unrealistic expectations Bale."


1、The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained.


2、Don't let your dreams just be dreams.


3、Make me sad makes me happy you are you.


4、Beginning from today no longer love you.


5、Someone makes me comfortable, so I want to rely on him; while another one makes me feel lonely, so I want to embrace him.


6、I love you for my life past.


7、Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.


8、I wonder who is scared to lose me.


9、Not pretend to be silent but have no strength to complain.


10、You miss 100% of the shots you never take.


11、When the mood is fallen, only thought is to abandon all.


12、Let your dreams be bigger than your fears and your actions be louder than your words.


13、When the memories hit you, it hurts.


14、I am standing in front of mood and predicting the next thing will happen to me.


15、Smile while you still have teeth.


16、Love is a game that two can play and both win.


17、The most easily broken thing in the world is the man's wine glass, politician's promise, girls' dream, steel wire-like love, the virtuousof modern society and the holy heart.


18、We were born and raised in a summer haze.Only yesterday,was the time of our lives.


19、I wish u would stay.


20、One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning.


21、Your world did not if I was clean.


22、enjoy warm in time. I forget blooms in the internal.


23、Can you give me a hug?


24、Mad laughter follows the drought of tears.


25、We become the most familiar strangers.


26、I will always love, even though public opinion into the sea.


27、Love makes people brave and crazy.


28、I will cherish every good to me.


29、Any unhappy is a waste of time.


30、We will easily get happiness only if we have a confused life.


31、A boy can do everythings for girl.


32、There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.


33、Who waits for time loses time.


34、Among those people that appear in our life, some are to teach us, some to comfortus, some to share and some to love.


35、And when you are gone, I will destroy everything you ever loved.


36、Like sunlight, sunset, we appear, we disappear. We are so important to some, but we are just passing through.


37、The net closely, but buckle not forever.


38、All lives end,all hearts are broken.


39、Love your heart pain.


40、Do not say you love me, unless you really mean it.


41、His wordes warmed her heart.


42、Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing.


43、Smiling doesn't always mean you're happy. Sometimes, it simply means that you are a strong person.


44、Give me a future of you and me.


45、You are my only one.


46、Let I have been watching over him until the end of life.


47、listen To my Heart.


48、To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.


49、I like you, and I really do. One day I will make you mine.


50、Yesterday is today's memory, tomorrow is today's dream.


51、Time always too long, long to palpitate.


52、Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.


53、Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.


54、The value of life lies not length of days, but in the use of we make of them.


55、You never get a second chance to make a first impression.


56、To you unexpected persistence.


57、One who frequently looks back can nit go far.


58、The time that you are my most fatal.


59、Greif sous le soleil, qui peut lire?


60、I will be with you till the end.


61、Put aside all Facing the misunderstanding to keep cool.


62、Life, always coming up with and leave, miss is not a fault, I have missed, just let go.People should be like a tree, stand is a beautiful scenery, the backbone of the down is a high-quality.


63、You must know, in my world, you are the king.


64、I love a man should not love.


65、Each youth will be old.


66、No one knows when I am not happy.


67、I get really fed the dog.


68、You are the warm light, you will shine.


69、If through time, through love.


70、To love for the sake of being loved is human,but to love for the sake of loving is angelic.


71、All sad past, when time is slowly precipitation, you will find your own happiness is much larger than expected.


72、Miracle, is not on the way to easy to bloom.Perhaps, in all, there is no behind trying to choose, there will be not seen, not design the unknown.


73、I really love the people that I really hurt.


74、Ever of lover, now the passers-by.


75、Within you I lose myself, without you I find myself wanting to be lost again.


76、The way of the life is to walk on your own, no matter how to choose, as long as it is your own choice, there is no right and wrong, more do not need to regret.


77、Do what you want to do.


78、I was so luck have you.


79、Wise man have their mouths in their hearts, fools have their hearts in their mouths.


80、All that you do, do with your might; things done by halves are never done right.


81、I want to rely on and you are not.


82、Nothing in life is despair, a series of disaster will be can't withstand the sunshine nightmare, to be bumpy.Life is the dojo, alive is a kind of practice.


83、Love is an act of endleforgiveness, a tender look which becomes Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, loving someone deeply gives you courage.


84、I just miss once, but forget that we have not had their own.


85、For you, I can put aside all the.


86、I am the proud queen.


87、What you are doing now reflets how you will live in the future.


88、If you could rewind your time, would you change your life?


89、The people heart is too crowded.


90、Rampant spread of those wanton in the night.


91、Look into my eyes - you will see what you mean to me.


92、If equal affection cannot be, let the more loving be me.


93、Time cut scar is called growth.


94、The girl who loves laughing, do not let her cry.


95、I miss you but i miss you.


96、Eventually forgotten by the merciless ,lost his.


97、I miss you but l miss you.

我想你, 但是我错过了你。

98、We already walked too far ,down to we had forgotten why embarked.


991、You are in my heart.


100、All the deep love is secret.